Where Do I Hide My Seed Phrase? 20 Tips

Looking for ways to securely hide your seed phrase? Uncover the best practices in our latest article answering ‘where do I hide my seed phrase?

The new age of technology has brought us to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. If you’re diving into this digital financial landscape, you might often find yourself asking, where do I hide my seed phrase? This 12-24 word phrase is essential as it is your last line of defense in protecting your digital assets.

Understanding Your Seed Phrase

A seed phrase, sometimes referred to as a recovery phrase or mnemonic phrase, is a sequence of words that allows access to your crypto wallet. It’s like the key to your digital vault. If someone else gets hold of it, they gain access to your cryptocurrencies. Hence, answering the question, where do I hide my seed phrase, becomes incredibly important.

Seed Phrase: Where and How to Hide

One of the traditional and still effective methods of hiding your seed phrase is by storing it in a physical format in a safe location. It could be a safety deposit box in a bank, a hidden safe in your house, or even a buried capsule in your backyard.

However, remember to protect your seed phrase against potential environmental damage. Laminating the paper or engraving the words on metal can prevent damage due to fire or water.

20 Tips for Places Where to Hide Your Crypto Seed:

  1. Safety Deposit Box: One of the most secure locations, a safety deposit box in a bank, provides a high level of security and can be accessed only by you or a trusted person.
  2. Home Safe: A personal home safe can also be a good choice. Ensure the safe is fireproof and waterproof, and ideally concealed within your home.
  3. A Book: Choose a book on your bookshelf to hide your seed phrase. It’s best if the book is inconspicuous and blends well with your collection.
  4. Buried in Your Property: You can waterproof your seed phrase and bury it somewhere in your property. Make sure it’s a place you will remember but not obvious to others.
  5. Attic or Basement: These are parts of your house that visitors or burglars are unlikely to access. Hide your seed phrase in a well-protected, inconspicuous container.
  6. Behind a Picture or Wall Clock: This can serve as a hidden storage spot. You can tape your seed phrase behind a picture frame or inside a wall clock.
  7. Under Floorboards: If you have wooden floorboards, you can lift one and hide your seed phrase underneath.
  8. Inside a PC Case: You can hide your seed phrase inside an old PC case or other seldom-used electronics.
  9. Air Vents: Few would think to look inside your home’s air vents. Ensure the seed phrase is well-protected from dust and moisture.
  10. Decoy Items: Consider purchasing a decoy item specifically designed for hiding things, such as a fake wall outlet or a hollowed-out can.
  11. Inside a Picture Album: You can hide your seed phrase among your old pictures in a photo album. It’s an everyday item that doesn’t draw suspicion.
  12. Garden Shed or Garage: These locations often have many storage areas where you can hide your seed phrase. Just ensure it’s well-protected from moisture and pests.
  13. Hidden Compartments in Furniture: Some furniture has secret compartments or can be modified to create one. This can be an excellent place to hide your seed phrase.
  14. Behind Baseboards: This is a somewhat more labor-intensive option, but can be very secure. Remove a portion of the baseboard, create a hollow, and hide your seed phrase there.
  15. Inside a Musical Instrument Case: If you’re a musician, this could be a natural choice. You could hide your seed phrase in the case of a less frequently used instrument.
  16. Within DVD or CD Cases: If you have a large collection of DVDs or CDs, you can hide your seed phrase inside one of these cases.
  17. Jewelry Box: A jewelry box, especially one with many compartments, can be a good hiding spot, as it’s a place thieves might overlook.
  18. Inside an Old Appliance: Consider hiding your seed phrase inside an unused or seldom-used appliance, such as an old radio or a broken toaster.
  19. Waterproof Container in a Pond or Pool: This is a rather unconventional method and requires a thoroughly waterproof container, but could be a good hiding spot if executed well.
  20. Freezer: Put your seed phrase inside a waterproof bag and hide it amongst food packets in your freezer. It’s an everyday appliance that’s unlikely to draw suspicion.
Where do I hide my seed phrase
If you bury your seed phrase, make sure you never forget where.

Cryptosteel/Metal Backup

Cryptosteel or any other form of metal backup kits are becoming increasingly popular. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions, providing a fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof home for your seed phrase. Use it to make sure your backup will survive even a catastrophic scenario.

Splitting Your Seed Phrase

Consider splitting your seed phrase into several parts and storing them in different locations. This adds an extra layer of security as an unauthorized person would need all parts to access your wallet.

However, it’s essential to remember the sequence of the words as even a single word out of order could make it useless.

Using Shamir’s Secret Sharing

A technical yet safe approach is Shamir’s Secret Sharing. It is a method where your seed phrase is divided into multiple parts. Unlike simply splitting your seed phrase, even if someone has one or two parts, they can’t reconstruct the whole phrase.

Digital Storage

Some may ponder, “Can I hide my seed phrase digitally?” While it’s possible, it carries significant risk. Any device connected to the internet can be susceptible to hacks. If you decide to go down this route, consider encryption or steganography methods.

Encrypted Devices

Storing your seed phrase in an encrypted device provides an added layer of security. Devices like encrypted USBs or hard drives can be a viable choice.


Steganography is the practice of hiding data within other non-secret data. For instance, you could hide your seed phrase within an image or a document. While it’s a sophisticated way of hiding your seed phrase, it also requires technical know-how.

Ensuring Redundancy

Redundancy is an often underappreciated aspect when considering, where do I hide my seed phrase? You should always have multiple copies of your seed phrase stored securely in separate locations. Redundancy protects you against loss due to unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, theft, or simple misplacement.

Trusted Confidants

It might sound old-fashioned, but sometimes trusting another human being can be a reliable choice. It could be a family member or a lawyer – someone who’s unlikely to misuse the trust and who will be there when you need them.

However, you need to be incredibly cautious about who you trust. Never underestimate the potential for misused trust when money is involved.

Decoy Wallets

Decoy wallets can serve as an additional layer of security. You can create a second, less valuable crypto wallet. If you are forced to disclose your seed phrase under duress, you can provide the seed phrase to this decoy wallet.

Professional Custodial Services

Several companies offer custodial services for seed phrases and private keys. These organizations have specialized security measures in place to protect digital assets. While this involves entrusting your seed phrase to a third-party, it could be a viable option for those overwhelmed with the responsibility of safekeeping their seed phrase.

Legal Measures

Creating a legal framework around your seed phrase can provide additional security. This could involve setting up a trust, including your seed phrase as part of your will, or formalizing an arrangement with a lawyer.

Memory Techniques

Another option is to memorize your seed phrase. This is potentially the safest way as the seed phrase is stored in your mind and nowhere else. Techniques such as the Memory Palace can be used to help remember complex sequences.

This method should only be used if you have complete confidence in your memory and mental health. It’s also wise to have a backup just in case.

Final Word

The question of “where do I hide my seed phrase?” is a complex one, with different solutions working for different people. Regardless of your choice, remember that protecting your seed phrase is protecting your digital assets. This task should be approached with the utmost seriousness and planning.

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