Are XRP Trustlines Safe? Yes, but…

What you need to know about XRP trustlines’ safety is in our guide. Learn about the security aspects, risks involved, and safety measures in detail.

Are XRP trustlines safe? With the increasing adoption of XRP, understanding the safety and security aspects of its trustlines becomes critical. This article provides a detailed exploration of XRP trustlines and their safety measures.

Introduction to XRP and Trustlines

Before addressing whether XRP trustlines are safe, it’s important to understand XRP and the concept of trustlines. XRP is a digital asset, launched in 2012 by a group of developers, including those who later founded Ripple Labs. However, it’s essential to note that XRP wasn’t created by Ripple.

Trustlines, in the context of the XRP Ledger (XRPL), are connections established between two accounts that allow the issuance and transfer of issued tokens. These issued tokens can represent anything from fiat currencies to other assets like commodities or airline miles.

Are XRP trustlines safe?

Functionality of Trustlines

Trustlines serve as a mechanism for XRP Ledger accounts to issue and manage obligations. They work in a manner similar to IOUs or credit between the two accounts involved. Trustlines allow users to issue and exchange digital representations of all types of assets, while also specifying the amount of that asset they’d be willing to hold.

Trustlines also prevent token spam, as nobody can send you a custom token without you setting up a trustline for that token first.

Are XRP Trustlines Safe?

In short, yes, XRP trustlines are safe. But there are a few things you need to know about them. When you set a trust line to a specific XRP address, anybody can send you tokens created by that address. That is the only thing that can happen. Nobody gains access to your account, there are no smart contracts that could be exploited to drain your account, etc.

If you want to hold and use a custom token, you have to have a trust line to the issuing account, there is no way around it. But XRP trustlines are safe, you don’t expose your account to any real risks.

A trustline will block 2 XRP on your account reserve, but that 2 XRP will be free again when you remove the trust line.

The Risks Involved with XRP Trustlines

The only bad thing that can happen with trustlines, is that the issuer doesn’t hold their promises and their token becomes useless. In that scenario you are seemingly stuck with a token that you can’t get rid of, which blocks 2 XRP on your account reserve, since you can’t remove the trustline while you still hold the token. But this problem has a solution.

If you want to get rid of a custom token on the XRP Ledger and remove its trustline, you don’t have to ask anybody for anything. Just send all units of that particular token to the original issuing account, it’s the same address that is used for the trust line. So you basically send the token to the trustline XRP address and then you will be able to remove the trustline from your account.


So, are XRP trustlines safe? The answer is yes. And when you know how to get rid of any token, as explained in this article, there are no potential problems with XRP trustlines at all.

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